How to Search and Order

Search for strains
To search for strains simply type your query as a full word or part thereof in the field to the top right. You may search for

  • the strain number (e.g. 020-99)
  • any taxonomic level (e.g. genus, species)
  • the geographic location the algae has been isolated from (e.g. Antarctica, Spitsbergen, arct)
  • the locality (e.g. glacier, snow, pond)
  • properties and special metabolites (e.g. cryophilic, psychro, carotenoids)
You may also browse through all strains by clicking the button in the top bar. For sorting simply click the respective header of the list. Details for each strain can be accessed by clicking on the strain number.

Ordering strains
When you have chosen to order a strain, click on the shopping cart and your choice will be added to your shopping list. For adding further strains just start another search. When finished go to your shopping cart in the top bar. A list with all strains chosen will be shown. Check whether your institute is a non-profit (universities, schools, public and governmental research facilities) or a profit making organisation (companies, private individuals), and hit the order button. - Please observe that no orders will be submitted online!
  • Our Fax Order Form with the strains chosen and prices will appear. Please fill in your address and contact information, print out the form and sign it. For ordering please attach this Fax Order Form to the official letterhead or order form of your institution, attach the signed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and scan and email the complete order to us ( or fax it to +49 (0)331 58187-199. You may of course also mail the complete order to us by postal mail. You will receive an order confirmation indicating that your order is being processed. Please observe that we cannot process your order unless we have received the MTA signed by you.
  • When ordering a strain from the CCCryo, by signing the fax order form, the customer implicitly agrees to our General Terms and Conditions for Research and Development contracted to Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (AGB). The customer implicitly agrees not to resell the strain nor to use it for any commercial purpose, and to quote the collection acronym CCCryo and the strain number in published communications involving the strain.
  • Although we take every effort to ensure the correct identity of strains, we cannot guarantee that a strain is correctly identified at the species, genus or class levels, especially as the taxonomy of snow algae yet is widely unresolved. We will very much appreciate any information from investigators that may lead to the correct identification of a strain.
  • We are not quantifying the number of organisms in the culture, but will not ship cultures that are not dense enough to serve as an inoculum. We cannot guarantee that the cultures show specific characteristics.
  • All customers of cultures are kindly asked to send in return reprints of their publications or the respective citation when strains from the CCCryo have been used.
We will charge Euro 100.00 for non-profit (universities, schools, public and governmental research facilities) and Euro 250.00 for profit-making (companies, private individuals) organisations, each plus additional charges for shipping etc. (see below) and taxes if applicable.
Additional charges will apply for the preparation of (customs) documentation, packaging and shipping costs (courier or postal mail). These will be calculated individually as they depend on the amount of strains ordered, the size/weight of the shipment and also as psychrophilic strains will be shipped by courier service in insulated boxes on cool packs, and others might be shipped by postal mail.
The total price including shipping costs and taxes will be stated on our order confirmation which you will receive after placing an order with us via our Fax Order Form. We assume that you accept our order confirmation when you do not withdraw your order in the course of 7 days following our order confirmation. When the algal strains will be dispatched to you, an invoice will be sent to you in parallel by our administration. Payment will be accepted by bank transfer only.

Quality of Strains
We take greatest care to maintain a high quality of our strains, i.e. to keep them free from bacteria and fungi. Such strains are labelled as axenix. Every strain is tested at least every two years on bacterial or fungal contaminants using a suitable culture medium. You may use this Bacteria Test Medium as well to monitor axenity of your cultures in your lab. Please observe that due to the great variety of bacteria and fungi not all contaminants might become visible when using this medium, thus, we do not guarantee that strains are axenic even when labelled a such.
Some species exist as multiple strains (= the same species from different locations or localities), of which some strains are non-axenic and may harbour one or more of the original bacterial species. This is done on purpose as such isolates may serve for studies on interactions between the algal strain and (original) bacteria.

Shipment & Delivery
  • Strains ordered will be shipped on agar slants or in 15 mL of liquid culture medium (one tube = one starter culture). Information on culture media, culture temperature and other conditions are included with the shipment, but are also available from the online database. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time from the date of your order.
  • Some countries have restrictions that limit, control, or prohibit the import of living algae or other living cells. It is the responsibility of the customer to know which legislation applies to the country that is to receive the shipment. Shipments to some countries must include an import permit to ensure that the shipment will not be confiscated at customs. The official permit has to be prepared by the customer and sent via facsimile to the CCCryo culture collection (fax no.: +49 (0)331 58187-199) or mailed to us ( You may also scan and email it to us or submit it by postal mail.
  • Although we take every precaution in handling and packing of the samples, we cannot guarantee their safe arrival. We will replace cultures damaged or lost during shipment only at the expense of the recipient.
The way of shipment and the shipping costs depend on the type of strains ordered. We will choose the most appropriate way. Especially in the case of cryophilic strains, it may be necessary to send the cultures in insulated boxes with cooling elements by courier service. All charges for shipment will be charged to the customer and will be stated on the order confirmation, which you will receive from us after placing your order and on the invoice.
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